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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who does the actual negotiations with the vendors for any discrepancies found by DSI?

Answer: DSI handles all negotiations and takes care of all discrepancies as acting agent for our clients. DSI will resolve all issues and implement (with client's approval) anything that needs to be addressed which may occur during the auditing process during the full term of the agreement.

Question: How do you deal with authorization processes when a problem is discovered and you contact the vendor to get it corrected? Would you require our passwords or would we need to call the vendor and add you as a contact?

Answer: As acting agent for our clients under our Agreement, DSI uses a "Letter of Agency" which authorizes us to investigate bills and receive all customer service records. Then we track every issue with a tracking number, so we can relay any information back to our clients by faxes or e-mails. In most cases, it's not necessary for the client to contact the vendors since we use a "Letter of Agency". Most commonly we can obtain billing records on-line from most telecommunications services vendors.

Question: How is payment made to DSI? Do we receive the refunds negotiated and then cut a check to DSI? Or, does DSI receive the refunds directly and prepare a check to us for the balance after your share is subtracted?

Answer: Payment is made to DSI upon the client receiving a credit or refund from the vendor.

Question: What information does our report contain?

Answer: Our comprehensive report, prepared by an experienced DSI analyst, contains many pieces of information. First, the report details all of the telecommunication services and related costs currently existing in the client's billing and services. Second, the report itemizes the errors/overcharges DSI has uncovered. Third, the report provides cost-saving solutions based on a variety of options. Last, we provide you with our professional recommendation as to what we see as the best solution for your business.

Question: After the initial analysis is completed, is there a maintenance contract that goes into effect? If so, what is the cost?

Answer: For continuing services provided by DSI, there is no fee maintenance contract that goes into affect. However, you have contracted DSI's expertise for a specific contract period. We are available to address any questions or handle any actions that are necessary during that time frame. If needed, DSI can be contracted further through our Telephone Management Program. This program assists you to monitor and track every telephone bill for your company.

Question: Do you contract with specific telecommunications companies as an agent? Do you request or require us to switch our service over to them?

Answer: DSI is an independent telecommunication firm. We only work for our clients. We are always on the leading edge of the telecommunications market to provide our clients with the best solutions possible. We deliver expert telecommunication solutions to your business.


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